21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Welcome to the Jungle”

“Welcome to the Jungle”


“Everyone wants to be famous, nobody wants to do the work” is a mantra publicized by Kevin Hart. It emphasizes the acclaim that goes along with jobs within the music industry. Often many strive for this distinction. However, these jobs often come at a price. It is essential to understand that if working in the music industry is your dream, you will make sacrifices. Continue reading

21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Wherever I May Roam”

“Wherever I May Roam”

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            The next logical question is where will you work? Jobs within the music industry are highly concentrated into certain areas. Why does this happen? Well, the music industry works based off of connections or relationships. Having some sort of connection to everyone within the same field, as well as in other fields, is a necessity. Continue reading

21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Because I’m Happy”

“Because I’m Happy”


Have you ever wondered about job satisfaction in the music industry? If you are currently working in this industry or have internship experience then you know what this is like. Job satisfaction is a key component of working in the music industry. People generally work in the music industry due to job satisfaction. These people are extremely passionate about their jobs and about the industry in general. These individuals love music and love what they do. Continue reading

21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Connection”


justin bieber

            Now that you have gained all of this useful information about jobs in the music industry, places to work and job satisfaction, you probably have one question. How do I actually find a job? Well, finding a job in this industry is a lot harder than in other industries. There is no magic formula that if you complete you will definitely get a job. After college you probably will not have multiple job offers lined up as is common with engineering and nursing majors. Continue reading

21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Can I Graduate”

“Can I Graduate?”

            Now that you have successfully attained an internship, you might wonder what is next. If you want to get a job what should you do? Here we will examine two different paths and highlight the pros and cons to them both. These two paths are graduating from college and advancing faster within the industry. What should you do? Continue reading

21st Century Music Survival Guide – “Take My Advice”

“Take My Advice”


Interview with Radio104.5’s Wendy Rollins

            The best way to make connections in this industry is through actual contacts. We discussed earlier how fundamental internships are to establishing and building these relationships. These relationships can be used to gain career advice. You can gain insight into what part of the industry your skills are useful for, how to improve and how to make more connections and translate that into finding a job. Make sure when you are given advice that you listen and try to apply it. Continue reading